Monday, 29 October 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Nina Williams IS Captain Marvel!

As I first mentioned on mah Twittah machine, I finally managed to actually make a custom design in a computer game that I feel proud of - in this case, turning my beloved Nina into (also my beloved, as it happens) Carol Danvers in her new Captain Marvel togs.  This was done with the Superhero Top and Leather Pants & Boots items, with their colours correspondingly switched, and three separate  decal applications on the upper body to add some more red and also simulate Carol's eight-pointed star emblem.

Comparison shot - from comic (left) to my TV (right)

More pics after the jump - apologies in advance for stuttering quality, I don't currently have any video-capture hardware so I've basically just been photographing my TV with a camera.

Upper body focus. The 'star' is actually a sun, but rotated how it is
it's still the closest decal I could find to the Cap. Marvel emblem.

Around the back. Pretty sloppy here, but not sure how I can
change it without making it worse. Gonna try, though.

Boots. The studs are actually gold by default and seemingly
un-editable, which was a lucky break.

Ready for battle!

Squaring off with Heihachi in the capital of the Marvel Universe, NYC!

Nearly spilling some poor guy's bubbly as the spiky-haired dolt
gets what's coming to him.

Like I need you to tell me she's perfect, game.
That's obvious.

Versus King.

Leopards never change their spots, but some do fly...

You'd think the game's token pro-wrestler would be able to
deal with wrestling moves better than this.

The sisters Williams: the only person they hate more than each other... everyone else.

Anna disapproving of cosplay. Bet she's just sore because her
'steampunk Jean Grey' outfit isn't working out.

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