Monday, 18 May 2015

Opinion Blog: Ranking the POWER RANGERS Theme Songs

Really wish they'd do pics like this for the non-red colours.

After another unexplained absence from blogville (albeit not as long as it looks, given the repeated updates on the Secret Wars post), I feel like I need to do something kinda small and silly to get things going again.  No complex reviews (hence no Age of Ultron reaction post, though suffice to say I enjoyed it a lot) or long nights spent photographing toys.  Just a simple 'here's what I think and why' based on something that's close to hand, and close to my heart.

If I haven't made clear before, Power Rangers?  Very close to my heart.  I was lucky enough to be exactly the right age when the Mighty Morphin' series started - bear in mind, we weren't nearly as inundated with superhero films back in the early-to-mid 90s as we are now, so seeing tights-wearing superpowered types in a context outside of animation on a regular basis felt magical.  And they had huge robots!  And basically everything on the show exploded at some point!  What's not to love?

In more recent years, I've gone back to the somehow-still-ongoing show, and watched its evolutions, even as its production shifted from Saban to Disney to Saban again.  There've been ups and downs - the kind which I think I'll go back to for a future post, time willing - but the principles of the show have remained the same.  Simple moral lessons.  Rubber suit monsters.  Morphing.  Robots.  Martial arts.  Stuff exploding.  Greatness.  Oh, and badass theme songs.  But, not all themes are created equal, so here is my definitive (ish) ranking of all Ranger title themes to date, from Mighty Morphin' to Dino Charge, worst to best.