Saturday, 15 February 2014


Really wish DC would have some sort of cover bar
so that these all look like a matching set.

It's certainly been long enough since my last rambling comic review post, and I haven't exactly been letting my reading slip since then, so there's more than a few books I'd like to talk about.  For the sake of keeping things brief, I'll stick with four for now.  Firstly, my muddled thoughts regarding DC's divisive Superman/Wonder Woman series, which has just released its fifth issue this month, and then some looks at three of the new start-up series from the All-New Minty Fresh Marvel NOW! initiative, namely Black Widow, X-Force and Ms. Marvel.

WARNING:  The following post discusses - and contain spoilers for - issues 1-5 of Superman/Wonder Woman, issues 1-3 of Black Widow and issue 1 of both X-Force and Ms. Marvel.  Turn back now if you're sensitive, y'big wuss.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Time Capsule: The Matt Smith Era, Part 2

 Girl meets Boy meets Weird Disco Hall meets SPAAAACE

And back to Who.  When we left off, the Doctor and Amy had escaped from the Weeping Angels in the Maze of the Dead, and realized that the crack in time wasn't just a one-off; now it's time to get Amy 'sorted out' for her suddenly very important wedding day, which means big fish, lizard people and a flat that shouldn't exist.  Geronimo!